Timber Harvest Operation & Oversight

Harvest Operation Oversight

The responsibility of supervising harvest operations is not to be underestimated. Managing harvest operations on a woodlot is a challenge. Taking many factors into account before they can begin requires extensive planning.  Success at oversight requires intimate familiarity with the plan, local and regional regulations, insurance coverage, best practices, and interpersonal skills capable of managing a range of personalities. You need to find an experienced contractor who can do the job safely by following all the codes and standards that apply without having to second guess every action by checking those standards before every decision.

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In addition to the issues of direct management, you will need to find the best market for your harvest to maximize your return on investment.  That can be an intimidating prospect all on its own.  Without an advocate in the process seeking the best possible return on your investment, it’s entirely up to your trust in your logger.  As the saying goes, trust, but verify.  Having a forester who is up to date on the timber and wood product market can make all the difference and give you confidence in your outcome.

In short, timber harvest operations require someone who knows the lay of the land and foresight of the difficulties that may arise.  Additionally, you want to stay under budget and within your deadline. You must also comply with any regulations set forth by the authorities.

Here at Tall Pines Forest Management, we make it our goal to understand our clients’ needs before providing them with services. Throughout the entire operation, you are an involved stakeholder because of our organized and systematic way of working. We also strive to keep a collaborative approach whenever a new opportunity presents itself. Our priority is to ensure that you receive the quality service you deserve from before the first tree is downed until the last log has been hauled away.

Helping you with Timber Sales

The sale of your harvest depends on several factors. Before determining the kind of sales you can get from your crop, you’ll need an assessment of the quality of your stand, what your market conditions are, how close you are to wood processing industries, and the size, density, and volume of your perspective. The market will determine what kind of product is in demand.

There are many different types of equipment you can choose to accomplish your harvest. These include conventional chain saw and skidder, mechanical with chipping, or the more specialized cut to length which employs specialized machinery that could add value to your harvest. All of these operations take place in the forest, whereby you can selectively choose the stem based on your goals.

Forest Products Marketing

Forest owners may not realize that they’re running a full-fledged business with their operations. To realize the value of your product, you need to invest in marketing your timber products appropriately.

At the end of the day, marketing is a critical aspect of the timber business that is often forgotten. The background processes that go into it help you realize the true potential of your operations and help you gain the actual value of your harvest in a competitive market.

Tall Pines can help you facilitate the best outlets for your forest products.

If you’re interested in our expert opinion or require our help with any of the above services, contact us at service@tallpinesfm.com. Or visit our contact page.