Tall Pines Forest Management

Sustainable forestry and good stewardship are at the heart of our work

We strive to provide our customers with the best quality and service with commitment, sensitivity, and care.

Our Services

Timber Appraisal

A timber appraisal is a process of assessing the actual value of your forest. Our services help you gauge your standing volume and value by providing a detailed report regarding the metrics and quality of timber present on your property.

We offer the following data and can include more depending on your requirements:

  • Timber Volumes
  • Timber Stand Typing Breakdown
  • Timber Value Estimation
  • Timber Renewal Planning
  • Timber Value Consultations

Woodlot Assessment & Management Planning

We offer plans based on your acreage and requirements, providing information regarding the following:

  • General property assessment & conditions report
  • Boundary line research
  • Road guidelines and feasibility
  • Soil reviews
  • Stand structure analysis
  • Planned timber harvest
  • Mapping
  • Regulation compliance
  • Regeneration plans and projections
  • General forestry planning and consulting
  • Tax Program Enrollment and Renewal
  • Boundary Line Maintenance
  • Mapping Services

Harvest Operation Oversight

Supervising harvest operations requires extensive planning and is critical for guaranteeing a good outcome.  Here are some of the key elements we consider when overseeing harvest operations:


  • Maximizing timber harvest value
  • Assessing wildlife habitat and impact
  • Protecting streams, ponds, lakes, and other waterways
  • Clearly marking of property boundaries
  • Assessing options for future management
  • Assuring insurance coverage is adequate
  • Developing strong contracts for the project
  • Compliance with regulations under local and state law

Timber Lot Acquisition

When you’re looking at a property to purchase for wood production, there are a lot of factors to consider, not all of which you can assess for yourself.  Here are the elements we take care of when planning the purchase of a timber lot:

  • Wood Flow Projections
  • Forest Modeling
  • Market Analysis of Forest Products
  • Timber Inventories
  • Timber Resource Valuation
  • GIS Analysis
  • Assessing existing site conditions
  • Forest Management Planning (Pre-acquisition)
  • Investigation and Validation of inventory and other data provided by the listing party
  • Coordination between other non-forestry professionals needed for the transaction

Sustainable Forestry & Carbon Tax Credit Strategies

Making sure your woodlot is sustainable for the long term is essential from both a financial and an environmental perspective.  We use a wide range of strategies to both assure that your woodland regenerates quickly and remains profitable:

  • Forest regeneration plans
  • Stewardship plans
  • Forest carbon offsets
  • Forestland certification
  • Conservation easements for tax benefits
  • Tax program enrollment & renewal
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harvest operation oversight
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Our Company’s Core Values

At Tall Pines Forest Management, sustainable forestry and good stewardship lie at the heart of our work. With solid foundations, we are a focus-driven company that strives to satisfy all of your forestry needs.


As professionals and experts, we believe in the beauty of utilizing forest resources while conserving them for future generations. We are quality-driven and committed to sustainable resource management.


We achieve quality services through teamwork. Positive work environments are essential to our employees. Thus, Tall Pines Forest Management fosters everyone’s input while looking out for the environment.


Our values define who we are: We value a healthy environment, we value employees who share our beliefs, and we appreciate the individual health of the trees that become our products.


Besides our commitment to sustainability, we always endeavor to provide top-notch timber products and excellent Maine & New Hampshire forestry services. We possess a deep understanding of woodland management.  Dedication to work and profound knowledge of our fragile forest resources sets us apart from the competition.

Integrity, hard work, and customer satisfaction are three principles that guide our business. We take pride in knowing that hundreds of customers trust us to do the work right for them.

Our Mission

At Tall Pines Forest Management, we are stewards of our New England forests. Whether working with small family woodlots or large institutional investors, the Tall Pines Forest Management team develops strong personal relationships with all our clients. Our company maintains the highest standards in the industry through our dedication, knowledge, and forest management skills. We are committed to being a viable part of the industry for generations to come. We are devoted to providing ongoing land management, marketing, and value-adding services as one of the best Maine & New Hampshire forest management companies.

Servicing Maine & New Hampshire

With Tall Pines Forest Management, we can help ensure you earn the highest value for your resources, your needs are fulfilled, and your impact on the surroundings is kept at a minimum.