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Sustainable forestry and good stewardship are at the heart of our work

We strive to provide our clients the best quality service through commitment, sensitivity, and care.

Our Services


Purchasing forestland can be one of the most exciting ventures of an individual’s real estate portfolio. Whether you have plans to develop on your woodlot or maintain the natural habitat for recreational activities, the venture starts with an acquisition.

Tall Pines Forest Management can be your trusted partner when it comes to forestland acquisition due diligence. We can walk you through step by step the process of assessing whether a property is right for your goals and if it offers the value you are seeking.

Harvest Operation Oversight

Many woodlot owners think that harvesting operations are simply a matter of cutting down trees and selling them in the lumber market. However, there is much more to it than that.

Harvesting operations require proper planning, oversight, and execution, within each stage to be sure landowner objectives are being met. It also involves vigilant supervision to ensure that the harvest team is compliant with all the regulations specific to your location. Before the actual harvest, you may need help with paperwork and scoping out contractors for the job.
Our expertise includes harvest operation oversight, where we will guide you throughout the process. From fine tuning your harvest prescription to selecting the right equipment mix, we will assist you with all planning and calculations. We’ll flag all necessary boundaries & zones, prepare all of the necessary permits and make certain you find the best independent logging contractor to meet your needs. Further, we will make certain you earn the highest rates for your forest products while making sure that your property is well managed.

Timber Appraisal, woodlot Assessment & Management

Forest management is an important part of owning a woodlot. Your land may serve a specific purpose based on your intended use; an investment, recreation, hunting, etc. Regardless of your plans, you’ll require an assessment and appraisal of your resources at some point.

Our Company’s Core Values

At Tall Pines Forest Management, sustainable forestry and good stewardship lies at the heart of our work. With solid foundations, we are a focus-driven company that strives to satisfy all of your forestry needs.

As professionals and experts, we believe in the beauty of utilizing forest resources while conserving them for future generations. We are quality-driven and committed to sustainable resource management.

We achieve quality services through teamwork. Positive work environments are essential to our employees. Thus, Tall Pines Forest Management fosters everyone’s input while looking out for the environment.

Our values define who we are: We value a healthy environment, we value employees who share our beliefs, and we appreciate the individual health of the trees that become our products.

Besides our commitment to sustainability, we always endeavor to provide top-notch timber products and excellent Maine & New Hampshire forestry services. We possess a deep understanding of woodland management. Dedication to work and profound knowledge of our fragile forest resources sets us apart from the competition.

Integrity, hard work, and customer satisfaction are three principles that guide our business. We take pride in knowing that hundreds of customers trust us to do the work right for them.

Our Mission

At Tall Pines Forest Management, we are stewards of our New England forests. Whether working with small family woodlots or large institutional investors, the Tall Pines Forest Management team develops strong personal relationships with all our clients. Our company maintains the highest standards in the industry through our dedication, knowledge, and forest management skills. We are committed to being a viable part of the industry for generations to come. We are devoted to providing ongoing land management, marketing, and value-adding services as one of the best Maine & New Hampshire forest management companies.

Servicing Maine & New Hampshire

With Tall Pines Forest Management, we can help ensure you earn the highest value for your resources, your needs are fulfilled, and your impact on the surroundings is kept at a minimum.