Timber Lot Acquisition

Timber Lot Acquisition

Buying timberland can be one of the most exciting ventures of an individual’s real estate portfolio. Whether you have plans to develop property on your woodlot, maximize the harvest potential of your land, or maintain the natural habitat for recreational activities, the venture starts with an acquisition.  But, just how are you supposed to be certain that the land you’re looking at can support your vision? How do you even begin to quantify the potential of 100, 1,000, or 10,000 acres of land?

Tall Pines Forest Management is your trusted partner when it comes to forestland acquisition due diligence. We will walk you step-by-step through the process of assessing whether a property is right for your goals and if it offers the value you are seeking. By contracting a true forestry professional, you can take almost all the guesswork out of your purchasing decision, generating the value you need with confidence.

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Some of the Acquisition Due Diligence services we provide are:

  • Wood Flow Projections
  • Forest Modeling
  • Market Analysis of Forest Products
  • Timber Inventories
  • Timber Resource Valuation
  • GIS Analysis
  • Assessing existing site conditions
  • Forest Management Planning (Pre-acquisition)
  • Investigation and Validation of inventory and other data provided by the listing party
  • Coordination between other non-forestry professionals needed for the transaction

We can help you through every step of forest acquisition and with years of experience in the forestry industry, you can trust that every decision is being made with confidence and your best interest in mind. Once the transaction is complete, we can transition into any and all forest management services you may need. At this point, we know you, your objectives, and your land well and this allows us to move forward quickly executing your forest management plan.

At Tall Pines, not only do we assist individuals looking to acquire and invest in forestland, we also have many connections with forest owners in New England allowing us to make connections between them and investors. If you are an investor looking to invest in a woodlot in New England, contact us today.

It's Often Who You Know

While we have extensive experience and expertise, it often pays to know the right people when it comes to timber lots.  With our wide network of connections in the timber industry and among timberland owners, we often hear about the upcoming sale of productive properties long before they appear on the open market.  This positions us well for providing effective advice about timber investment opportunities.  We can then help you formally assess the productive value of these investments, to make sure they’re the right fit for your objectives.

Consulting On Lot Quality & Woodflow

We can accurately assess the realistic woodflow of a wood lot using our advanced tools and extensive knowledge. While anyone can make a ballpark guess, our systems allow us to meaningfully calculate the kind of returns you can see from a property in terms of real production.  While the value of that wood production will vary with the market, the production itself can be assessed and plans for managing the forest to increase the value of its production over time.