Forester Services

Timber Appraisals

A timber appraisal is essentially a formal quantification of the timber value present in the current forest. To understand the actual value of your forest, you need inventories and assessments of the available resources. One can determine the bulk of its market value by getting appraisals on the timber present. Our services help you gauge your standing volume and value by providing a detailed report regarding the metrics and quality of timber present on your property.

We offer the following data and can include more depending on your requirements:

  • Timber Volumes: The amount of marketable wood present in your forest stand.
  • Timber Stand Typing Breakdown: The distribution and types of tree groups on your land.
  • Timber Value Estimation: The current market value estimates for your stands.

Woodlot Assessment & Management Planning

If you are currently a landowner of a forest or woodlot, chances are you have asked yourself the question “How is my woodlot doing?”. The majority of landowners do not know the answer to this question. Is your woodlot a young forest that needs 20 more years of growth? Or is it old and declining? Healthy or unhealthy? Valuable, not valuable? Are the current composition, (what species and age classes are present) and structure (density and spacing of the trees) adequate in order to meet your objectives? Do you as the woodlot owner know what your objectives are? Having the answers to these questions is extremely important…

Harvest Operation Oversight

Many woodlot owners think that harvesting operations are simply a matter of cutting down trees and selling them in the lumber market. However, there is much more to it than that.

Harvesting operations require proper planning, oversight, and execution, within each stage to be sure landowner objectives are being met. It also involves vigilant supervision to ensure that the harvest team is compliant with all the regulations specific to your location. Before the actual harvest, you may need help with paperwork and scoping out contractors for the job.

Timber Lot Acquisition

Purchasing forest land can be one of the most exciting ventures of an individual’s real estate portfolio. Whether you have plans to develop your woodlot or maintain the natural habitat for recreational activities, the venture starts with an acquisition.

Tall Pines Forest Management can be your trusted partner when it comes to forestland acquisition due diligence. We can walk you through step by step the process of assessing whether a property is right for your goals and if it offers the value you are seeking.

Sustainable Forestry & Carbon Tax Credit Strategies

Sustainable Forestry is the philosophy of being long-term stewards of our environment, especially our forests, preserving them into the far future. Establishing safe harvesting plans that won’t deplete your woodlot, but will also yield great returns on your investment for generations to come! In many ways, this is the most important forester service for your land in the long term.

Forest carbon offset is a crucial part of persevering our earth and positively impacting climate change. This is the process of creating a neutral net carbon footprint by offsetting your carbon emissions. We focus on the Improved Forest Management program in our region. Tall Pines Forest Management is ready to help you navigate the process of participating in these programs by identifying what is available to you and what makes the most sense for you and your land.